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"I owed about $19,000.00 in combine Texas state and IRS taxes and had no money to pay. The Offer in Comprise helped reduce that amount." -- Jackie (Texas)

Beaumont Tax Settlement

According to the Internal Revenue Services, the state of Texas had a total of 11,278,559 federal tax returns filed. With that many returns in TX alone, with each person averaging about $11,455.00 owed in taxes, . The IRS has thus setup a way out, IRS Offer in Comprise that specially help people in Beaumont, Texas.

Attention: IRS Secret Bailout!

Did you know you that the IRS will accept less than what you owe them if you can prove you can't pay the entire balance?

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There are a decent number of people in Beaumont have owed the IRS either payroll taxes, personal taxes, self-employment taxes or business taxes for some time. By not taking any action, Texas tax officials eventually start garnishing your hard earned wages. The average Texas adjusted gross income in 2007 was $53,765.00. As you can see, the IRS is hungry for your tax dollars. They don't care if you live in Beaumont or moved to a different state. The IRS have been quietly working with people like yourself in Beaumont, Jefferson County to settle tax debts in amounts such as $12,000, $25,000 and even in excess of $30,000.

You Can Do It Yourself

Anyone can call up the IRS and try to settle their IRS debt themselves. There's no special license or special agency you need to use.

Going with a real Beaumont IRS tax settlement company may improve your chances and you typically do not pay anything unless the Texas IRS tax settlement offer is successful.
Professional IRS debt relief professionals in Beaumont are also available to work with you in contacting the IRS and working out a tax settlement agreement. Professional Beaumont, Texas debt settlement professionals have been doing this for a number of years and know the ins and outs of how to get the federal government and the IRS to settle on back taxes owed.

Get your freedom today by way of a Texas tax relief professional with an IRS Offer in Comprise. The Offer in Comprise can be considered a tax debt settlement or a debt forgiveness in the state of Texas. The US federal government will settle for less than what you owe them and to the Texas government if you can prove hardship. Whether you owe national/federal taxes or Texas state taxes, the tax acts allow you to proposal an offer in comprise to get relief ASAP.

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